AATC’s Leadership Team is one of the most experienced in the industry, with each member representing a key element of our business – operations, compliance, systems, sustainability, client service and human resources. While focused on individual areas of responsibility, we strive to perform as a creative, cohesive unit and take pride in being the collective representation of AATC’s core values.

Bryan Reiter
Kirk Hale

David Hamm, President & CEO

David Hamm serves as the President & CEO of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC). Leading his executive team, he plans to continue moving AATC to higher levels of excellence and execution. David served as the Chairman of AATC’s Board of Directors prior to his retirement from Delta and is immensely familiar with both AATC and Hartsfield-Jackson, and we are excited to have him back in our community.

David retired in 2019 as Managing Director - Corporate Real Estate for Delta Air Lines from its world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. He had responsibility for Delta’s entire airport and off-airport properties functions worldwide, which included over 250 domestic cities and 125 international locations. His off-airport property responsibilities included Delta’s world headquarters; reservations call centers, data centers, aircraft maintenance bases, hangars and cargo facilities, as well as other office and support facilities throughout the system.

A native of Connecticut, Mr. Hamm received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 1986 from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987. He also received a Master of Business Administration (Finance) from Auburn University in 1988.

Mr. Hamm’s career prior to Delta included Andersen Consulting where he worked on several consulting projects including the Delta account relative to the Technical Operations Center Rotor Shop Detailed Design and Implementation projects.


Kim Green, Vice President, Finance

Kim Green is the Vice President of Finance at Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC).  Her primary focus is to provide leadership and direction regarding the financial activities of the AATC organization at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (H-JAIA)

Kim earned a Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance from University of West Georgia.

Kim began her professional career in the aviation industry, followed by other Fortune 100 business such as Hewlett Packard, Stryker, and Filtration Group.  She brings 20+ years of progressive experience in financial leadership roles with responsibilities for strategic business planning, financial reporting, analysis and accounting as well as budgeting and forecasting.  She actively volunteers in a variety of community organizations and church, serving in multiple leadership roles.

Joining AATC in 2023, Kim has brought superior finance and operational analysis skills to develop sensible, cost-effective initiatives and strong financial reporting to the company’s members as well as the airport community.


Stephen Maceyko, Vice President, Business Administration

Stephen Maceyko is the Vice President – Business Administration of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC). His primary focus is to provide the leadership and direction regarding the business support activities and corporate requirements of the AATC organization at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (H-JAIA).

A native of Peekskill, New York, Stephen moved to Atlanta in 1974 and earned a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1990. He also received a Certificate in Engineering Psychology during his time at Georgia Tech.

Stephen began his professional career with York International in San Francisco in 1990 with Sales/Business Development responsibility for the large scale HVAC product line. He participated and graduated from the York Training Program in York, Pennsylvania prior to locating to San Francisco. Stephen returned to Atlanta in 1991 after accepting an Industrial Engineering position at Delta Air Lines within the Productivity group at Delta Air Lines Technical Operations. Initially, Stephen focused on projects that included plant layout, Case Shop design/implementation and other projects to increase organization productivity and efficiency. Over the next 20 years Stephen increased his responsibilities and achieved promotions within areas including Finance, Materials Management, Supply Chain, Delta Connection (DCI) and TechSales, where he achieved the General Manager position with Sales and Account Management/Customer Service responsibilities. He retired from Delta after a 20-year career.

In 2011, Stephen joined AAR and spent 2 years serving as Director of Sales working closely with airline and maintenance partners to grow the business and develop new opportunities. With an opportunity to expand his business skills and experience, Stephen joined Marana Aerospace Solutions in 2014 as the Senior Vice President of Sales.

Joining AATC in 2015, Stephen was able to bring his skills and experiences to AATC making key changes in areas including Payroll, Benefit Management and Retirement Services. Stephen has become active in business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and other facility related programs and enjoys supporting personal opportunities including Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of America.


Bryan Reiter, Vice President, Operations

Bryan Reiter is the Vice President – Operations of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC). His areas of responsibility include the operation of the airport as it relates to overall customer and employee experience at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Bryan started his aviation career very early on growing up in Toledo, Ohio. He was always fascinated with watching airplanes land at the local airport and knew aviation was going to be a major part of his life.

Bryan embarked on his aviation journey by attending The Ohio State University and studying Aviation Management. While in school he was offered the opportunity to join Delta Air Lines for the start of what would be a high-flying career. After working as a part-time employee and learning the basics of an airline operation, Bryan ultimately landed in the world’s largest hub operation in Atlanta. While in Atlanta, Bryan advanced his Delta career quickly through various departments and organizations gaining more experience, responsibility, and knowledge. Bryan was a key contributor to Delta’s leadership team as the company navigated through multiple challenges to become a world-class airline. Bryan’s experience included leadership roles in Airport Customer Service, Cargo Operations, Operations Planning Reliability, Tower Hub Operations, and Vendor Management. In 2020, Bryan ultimately retired as the Director of Operations after serving 30 years in the industry.

Joining AATC in 2021, Bryan was back to the airport and industry that he loved. Bryan brings with him operational experience and knowledge of the Atlanta airport operations that is unmatched. He plans to continue to develop and support the role of AATC to further enhance and maintain a valued customer experience for all those who travel and work at the airport.


Kirk Hale, Vice President, Facilities

Kirk Hale is the Vice President – Facilities of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC).

His primary focus is to provide the leadership and direction regarding the facility operations and building maintenance activities for the Centralized Passenger Terminal Complex (CPTC) at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Kirk has 33 years of Facilities Construction and Operations Management experience and began his career at NEC Technologies Inc., McDonough Plant, serving as a Maintenance Technician and Planner.  He joined AATC in 2000, and during his 22 -year tenure he has served as the Facilities Manager, Landside Operation Manager, and Program Manager.

Kirk is a native of Griffin, Ga.  He attended DeVry Institute of Technology where he studied computer science, and he obtained a Certificate in Project Management from Georgia Tech.

Team Member Life

AATC’s Team Members Deliver Excellence and Exceed Expectations every day. Our team tackles challenges daily in the world's busiest airport. Whether it’s completing a major airport project, identifying work that needs to be completed, assisting our partners, or helping a passenger find their gate, the AATC team is always producing results and generating success.

Health & Wellness

AATC’s Health & Wellness Program was created to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle for our team members. We have adopted the term “Be… AATC” as our slogan. Through different approaches of being Aware, Active, Transformed and Changed, we have taken an initiative to better our team member's physical and mental well being.


Being aware is the first step to becoming healthier. AATC provides education through seminars, brochures, and demonstrations about healthy living and healthy eating. We also offer annual screening programs so employees are better aware of their current health.



Research shows that lack of exercise can be as lethal as smoking. AATC continuously adds new ways for employees to be active while at work and outside of work. We participate in weekly walks in the airport, have monthly walking challenges, and support our community by participating in fundraising walks in and around Atlanta. AATC also subsidizes a gym membership.


We are actively transforming our employees, not just physically, but also mentally. By providing healthy snack options in our vending machines, tracking our activities, and creating a new, healthy culture, we are transforming our team into healthier and happier employees.



Change can only happen from within. AATC’s approach to being CHANGED is when an employee begins to adopt a healthy lifestyle outside of work and are making an effort to improve their overall wellbeing.

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